Stylish Poncho Black woolen and Jute Embroidery


Black Poncho Woolen and Jute Embroidery


Better than an Old fashioned Sweater or Coat

Now Forget your regular sweaters and try MESMORA’S unique RANGEELA RE colorful embroidered ponchos

Minute woolen and jute embroidery, both front and back decorated by Dazzling laces and 3D flowers .

100% khadi that keeps you warm in winters and cool in summers

Wear it on your regular top as winter poncho, on a gown as a style element, and marry-go-round.

26″ long circular ponchos with front and back embroidery

Wash Care: First wash Dry clean after can be machine or hand wash.

Black Poncho Woolen and Jute Embroidery

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Black Poncho Woolen and Jute Embroidery

Stylish Poncho Black woolen and Jute Embroidery

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Colour Variations

Slight variation in colour of the dresses might occur or it can be same. This is due to monitor or picture tube variances. The images are taken from the original dress and we will make sure that you receive the exact product as shown on our website. Dyed products might or might not have slight variations due to dyeing processes!

What is Poncho?

The poncho, a well-known sleeveless garment with unsewn sides and a space for the head to pass through, has its origins in South America along the Andes Mountains.

Stylish Poncho Black woolen and Jute Embroidery

There is A cape shawl an outer garment designed to help keep the body warm. A rain poncho is made. These are considered American garments and are used by the Native peoples of the Andes since pre-Hispanic times.


It’s believed to come from the Quechua puchu or Mapudungun pontro, even though the origin of this word is not clear. Popular among all the people who have lived along the Andes, it  is also a very important cultural icon for some people that are native.

One of those indigenous inhabitants has formed the largest group of Indians in South America, which once stood at nearly 1.5 million at the start of the 21st Century.

Stylish Poncho Black woolen and Jute Embroidery




The Mapuche people historically occupied half of the territory we know today as Chile and Argentina, but their existence has significantly declined and they currently occupy about ten % of the Chilean and Argentine populations respectively.

It was the Mapuche who spread what we know today as the poncho throughout Spain and Latin America although there’s contention as to the origin of the garment.

Stylish Poncho Black woolen and Jute Embroidery


The Mapuche are highly-skilled weavers and created a range of items as well as ponchos, including shawls, dresses and headbands. Slitting allowing the material itself makes this.

Current uses for these include rain expulsion – A garment based on the poncho was employed during the Civil War as raincoats for US troops. And of course as a fashion item, these are a prominent style piece during autumn and winter.

These are popular among girls of all ages and produced in a range of fabrics and designs, the poncho is among the must-haves in the fashion world.

Stylish Poncho Black woolen and Jute Embroidery

Having been worn by their people for Centuries, the poncho(Cape Shawl) is closely connected to Mexican culture In the form of the Sarape with motifs that are pre-Hispanic and Iberian. This cloth is widely considered an iconic symbol of Mexico.

It has two distinct styles of Cape Shwal. The serape cape shawl (found in assorted colors and with fringed bottoms, these are long shawls which look like fashioned blankets= and the falsa cape shawl (popular in tourist areas, these have a much slacker weave and are worn loosely over the shoulders).

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