Salwar kameez

The Indian salwar kameez  is popular outfit among the female population; so much that it has left an indelible imprint in  Indian history.

Salwar kameez is the traditional Indian clothing for women. Due to its high popularity in the region of Punjab, shalwar kameez is commonly referred to as Punjabi suit. The fashion of Shalwar Kameez in India is not new.
Since the past many few centuries, women have been wearing this wonderful attire that is absolutely decent to wear and also lends a graceful look to its wearer.

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In Pakistan and Afghanistan, men and women both attire Salwar kameez. Infact, it were the pathans of Kabul, who can be attributed the credit for introducing this dress in South Asia.
Salwar, also pronounced shalwar, refers to the loose fit pajama that is quite wide at the top and in comparison pretty narrow at the bottom.
The term Kameez on the other hand is used to refer to the long tunic.

Side seams known as the chaak are left open underneath the waist line. This enhances the scope for movement. Salwar has pleats at the waist and is holded seeking the help of an elastic belt or a drawstring.
Salwar can be wide and flowing or narrow according to one’s personal choice. The narrow salwar is known as churidar.

Pakistani designer suits are styled using a specific way of stitching and tailoring. The designs are created considering the modern as well as the traditional aspect of the outfit.
We’ve got you some specifics of Pakistani designer suits that can help you understand its creation in detail.

Pakistani suits have long straight cut kurtas, and it is the main characteristic of this outfit. You will find Pakistani traditional outfits with long sleeves generally.

Salwar, lower portion accompaniment to kameez, plain or decorated, same, matching or contrasting colour to Kameez generally has the same fabric as the kameez.

Women wear the salwar kameez, with the accompanying shawl or scarf known as dupatta or chunni, more as an accessory that can be discarde at will, it originally served to cover the head in the Gurudwara or temple and also when family elders were present.
These salwar suits are designed with a high neckline using heavy embroidery from the neckline to the chest.
You may find the salwars designed in ankle length with net-style work around them. It varies with the height of the wearer.

Dhoti Pants are the new addition to the fashion closet.These bottoms resemble the dhoti in terms of aesthetics, but are pre-stitched to look that way as opposed to the traditional dhoti.This is a long piece of unstitched cloth which has to be draped in a certain way to give it the appearance one associates with a dhoti.

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