Lehenga Choli

Lehenga Choli and Sarees are the traditional clothing of women in Rajasthan. Lehenga Choli is a combination of lehenga, a tight choli, and an dupatta. A lehenga is a form of a long skirt which is pleated. It is usually embroidered or has a thick border at the bottom. A choli is a blouse shell garment, which is cut to fit the body and has short sleeves and a low neck.

Lehenga is worn by brides additionally making it a unique dress for women that is seen on special events or festivals.
Lehengas and sarees differ on cost relying on the fabric utilized and the adornment done on it utilizing dabs, Kundan, and little mirrors.
Lehenga and Saree are two conventional women’s clothing things from India.

These are ageless array that have been decorated by average citizens and VIPs alike. Saree is more normal than Lehenga that is worn on additional on unique events nowadays. There are numerous contrasts between these two garments yet people get to be distinctly confounded due to the comparable looks made by a combination style known as Lehenga Saree. This article investigates both these garments to highlight their disparities.

Lehenga-Choli India as a Perfect Marriage Dress. Even though many options available in the market, Lehenga Choli India has become one of the most preferred choices of the girls who will soon become brides. A elegant Lehenga gives a charming look to the bride as well as represents the Indian dressing aura. It gives the look of a princess of Mughal era to the bride, which is widely liked and appreciated by the girls of today’s generation.

Lehenga is a traditional dress of India that has been worn by girls and women since ancient period over thousands of years. In many parts of India, it is likewise called Ghagra Choli. Actually, Lehenga is an outfit that is of a lower part called Lehenga and the upper part called choli or bodice. This lehenga choli will not complete the third part called dubatta. Lehenga can be worn by little girls furthermore by elderly women. It is accessible in various assortments with standard ones made of cotton without having any frivolity, though Lehengas can be exceptionally costly additionally with unrivaled cloth and embellishment finished with trimmings.

The  stitching of a lehenga choli dupatta set or a ghagra choli takes about a minimum of thirty days depending on factors like the fabric, embellishments. Hand-stitched, hand-woven Lehengas end up taking longer owing to the detailing that goes into it. Often, communities exclusively into designing lehengas have clear tasks allotted to them, which forms part of the whole making process.

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